Coolant System

  • Coolant System
    There are several reasons why it is important to flush ones cooling system on your car. The modern car engine operates at a temperature above the boiling point of water. A well-maintained cooling system is critical to the life of your engine. Deterioration of the coolant or any system leak that results in a loss of pressure will allow the engine to rapidly overheat and may cause severe engine damage. It is imperative that rust, scale and sediment are removed. WE are one of the few garages that utilized a cleaner and conditioner in every fluid change. Coolant flushes prevent overheating and costly head gasket replacements. Flushing the coolant out on regular intervals could save you thousands of $$$. Replacing your radiator cap when servicing your coolant protects your investment. Besides basic maintenance here are the things that can happen to your coolant system. i. Water Pump ii. Thermostat iii. Radiators and Radiator Hoses

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