• GDI (Gas Direct Injection) Complete Fuel System Cleaning
    Maintain Now or Repair Later? By not cleaning the deposits that will build up on injectors, problems will arise and affect engine performance in as little as 3,000 miles. Neglected treatment may require a costly upper end teardown or vigorous mechanical cleaning to restore vitality. This product is recommended every 6,000 miles for preventative maintenance. (Please see our GDI tab for more in-depth information)
  • Fuel Pour In
    True Brand ® is a concentrated formula designed to clean the entire FUEL SYSTEM. This formula removes moisture from the fuel system by suspending water and fuel together and removing the water through the combustion process. It dissolves carbon deposits , gums, and varnishes. • Helps Improve Power • Helps Remove Water • Restores Fuel Economy • Reduces Emissions
    This product is poured into your gas tank to increase fuel mileage by up to 7%. It will last up to 6,000 miles, removes any water in your gas tank. It also lubricates, fights ethanol problems and contains an octane booster. For high mileage vehicles Fuel Juels has the opportunity for a greater increase in performance.
    High mileage is designed for vehicles over 70,000 miles and recommended every oil change. It revitalizes your gaskets, helps lower the burn rate, and give you better gas mileage.
  • PTFE Gallon Engine Clean
    Engine Treatment with PTFE has a friction reducing technology designed to extend the life of your engine, reduce maintenance cost and improve performance. These bonding agents of PTFE protection will help reduce wear by 50% to 90% and help your vehicle last longer and operate more efficiently. This product is recommended once a year. This product can be used on any mileage vehicle, and best used after an Engine Clean.
    Oil Systems Cleaner is a product used to clean your engine when one goes over their mileage. It is a more cost effective product than the Engine Clean. You will get your engine clean, but not nearly as much as the Engine Clean Product described above.
    This product is a concentrated cleaning agent that cleans your engine when one has severely gone over their mileage. It cleans the sludge build up in the engine and helps maintain your engine creating less friction and wear. It cleans out the crank case, oil passages and the oil pump, because overtime sludge occurs. Recommended once a year or after extended oil change intervals.
    This product has PTFE in it and will coat your air conditioning lines, therefore, letting the 134A Freon flow at a faster rate and drop the vent temperature 2+10 degrees. Oil Change Plus will guarantee this!
    This product is the BEST on the market and the customer will get a 100% guarantee not to fade, crack, or peel.
  • Engine Sealer
    Engine Sealer helps revitalize your gaskets of small oil leaks, lubricates your seals, and temporally reduces spending money to drop the pan and replace the gasket, rear main seal or valve gasket.